What can I do?

This is me

Hi, My name is Gal Chen and I've been a UX/UI designer for more than 20 years.


Every year I try to invent myself from scratch - together with whatever the web/mobile design domain brings. I'm paying attention to and executing the most advanced guidelines and ideas the UI/UX arena has to offer, such as web and mobile design, prototyping, product design, and much (much) more.


I would have never stayed alive and kicking in this game - for so many years - without being a creative type of dude.


For all those years many things have changed in the design domain I love so much - concepts, guidelines, software, and even hardware, but one thing kept fueling me the same way as 20 years ago: To meet new people, to understand their design-based personal pains and motivations, and to align my services accordingly.


So, be in touch. Stay safe and keep on smiling, Gal ;-)

Valued Skills

I also have some

UX/UI Design

The design reflects the practical

and aesthetic of your business,

putting the user in the front but

not forgetting the rear seats too.

Logo & Identity

Clear and easy to understand.

Fit like a glove to your business's

motto and the spirit of the time.

Mobile/App Design

Custom/Tailor-made mobile app

design for your business,

clients and you ;-)


Make your dreams and ideas

come to life without any code or

hassle. Fast delivery and

compliments snatching.

Graphic Design

Make all the dots and pixels sit in

their right spot. Making your

product from 'Good' to 'Excellent'

and from 'Nice' to 'WOW'.

General Motto

Love my family, music, innovation,

out of space challenges and extra

pineapples on my pizza.

Talked about me

I know that some people

Companies I've worked with

My clients are the